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Get in the studio with Dane as he troubleshoots design challenges and spills the biggest secrets to creating killer art.
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Meet the Pack

Ever wondered who comes up with this zany art? Meet the creative brains behind the operation.
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Dane on the Road

Dane is bringing his knowledge to a city near you! Sync your calendars so you never miss an event.
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The Big Dog Himself

Recognize this guy? I'm Dane Clement, a well-respected and recognized graphics artist. As an expert in the garment decoration industry for over 20 years, I know all the insider secrets to creating and perfecting artwork and printing processes. You might've seen me at a gazillion trade shows, purchased one of my foolproof training books, or read one of my articles in an industry magazine—I've experienced a lot over the years to build my library of knowledge. You see, educating is my passion, and has been the driving force behind the recent shift in my career. Nothing gets me more revved up than an opportunity to teach you and your business how to become more successful and efficient.

But I'm not in this alone. I have a dedicated team who can keep up and keep on. I've built this reputation with support from the industry's best who strive to create a never-ending flow of artwork, stay informed on art processes and software, and keep this machine moving.

I would definitely recommend this artwork to anyone in the business. Having access to a stock art library makes it so easy to create orders. It’s such a quick process to pick a design and customize it. It also cuts down your prep time. If you have a big order of 50-60 shirts and only have two or three days, you can choose a design, show it to the customer, and start production. The graphics are beautiful, and the colors are amazing.


The T-Shirt Artwork Simplified training book is GREAT. I’m on the last example in Vector Artwork and it’s really showing me the ropes. I completed all the artwork up to the Goal” and am halfway through drawing shapes of various colorsI can hardly stop doing the work—it draws me in, and time just passes. Man! Thanks.


I have to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed your seminars I attended at the Long Beach ISS show! I love your passion for all you doThank you so much for sharing it with us!