AccuRIP™ Ruby™


The On-Demand Solution Screen Printers Need

Formerly Black Pearl, AccuRIP Ruby™ for Epson is the software designed with screen printing in mind. Quickly and accurately output high-quality images right from the start. With the ability to print separations to film transparency media with ease and accuracy, dial in your needs for halftone size and shape in the Configuration Menu, and a new Wizard auto setup function, this powerful RIP solution provides the most streamlined user experience.

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  • Auto printer detection and connection
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Critical ink lay down control
  • Locked-in settings prevent waste


Now Available for Canon

Get the advantages of uninterrupted production and head technology with the new AccuRIP Ruby CP™ software for the Canon Pixma Pro-100 desktop printer. The bundle includes:

  • AccuRIP Ruby CP™ (Canon) software
  • Starter kit containing:
    • 8 refillable tanks with sleds for refilling outside of printer
    • 1 Dmax™ Black Dye Ink™ (127 ml bottle)
    • 1 Amaze-Ink Head Cleaner (127 ml bottle)
    • All Black Ink™ feature one-year license on all slots of ink spraying
  • Available for Windows and Mac

$675 – Call to order!

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